High Impact Instructional Practice Sessions from Common Ground 2012

Presentation Title: Black-Eyed Susan Picture Books
Presenter: Amy Baringer
Presenter e-mail: amybaringer@verizon.net

Presentation Title: The F Factor: How 2 Fit Financial Literacy & FEFE Into Your Curriculum
Presenter: Lisa Bender
Presenter e-mail: lbender@sh.ga.k12.md.us

Presentation Title: Taking your Digital Content to the Next Level
Presenter: Denise Donahue
Presenter e-mail: johnl@cimtechsolutions.com

Presentation Title: Beyond the Projector: Strategies to Support Interactive Whiteboard Integration
Presenter: Kendra Grant
Presenter e-mail: kendra@sublimelearning.com

Presentation Title: Building A Pyramid of Success with Interactive Whiteboards
Presenter: Michael Hakkarinen
Presenter e-mail: michael.hakkarinen@fcps.org

Presentation Title: Who's Doing the Thinking and Talking in Your Classroom?
Presenter: Darlene Herbet
Presenter e-mail: deherbet@juno.com

Presentation Title: Discourse ... Talk it Up!
Presenter: Themis Johnson
Presenter e-mail: themis_e_johnson@mcpsmd.org

Presentation Title: Rules of Engagement: Using Personal Technologies to Motivate Rather Than Distract
Presenter: Doug Johnson
Presenter e-mail: doug0077@gmail.com

Presentation Title: Developing the Creativity in Every Learner (all)
Presenter: Doug Johnson
Presenter e-mail: doug0077@gmail.com

Presentation Title: Every Student Succeeding in Math!
Presenter: Sheryl Koehn-Kuchera
Presenter e-mail: sskoehn@renlearn.com

Presentation Title: Pixie Provides a 21st Century Approach to Common Core Standards
Presenter: Scott Loomis
Presenter e-mail: sloomis@tech4learning.com

Presentation Title: Animation and Digital Storytelling Across the Curriculum
Presenter: Scott Loomis
Presenter e-mail: sloomis@tech4learning.com

Presentation Title: Administrator Technology Toolkit Implementation at Towson University
Presenter: Linda Macaulay
Presenter e-mail: lmacaulay@towson.edu
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Presentation Title: Using the Whole Library for a Wiki-Based Research Project
Presenter: Lauren Magnuson
Presenter e-mail: lmagnuson@bcps.org

Presentation Title: Using a Virtual Room for Instruction, Conferencing, and Webinars
Presenter: Sharon Neill
Presenter e-mail: Sharon.Neill@pgcps.org

Presentation Title: Beyond Our Walls: Connecting and Collaborating Globally using Web 2.0
Presenter: Dana Novotny
Presenter e-mail: dnovotny@bcps.org

Presentation Title: Quia
Presenter: Kathleen Pepin
Presenter e-mail: kathleen_pepin@hcpss.org

Presentation Title: Why does my Elementary Student Need to Know about Maryland's New CyberSecurity Jobs
Presenter: Davina Pruitt Mentle
Presenter e-mail: dpruitt@edtechpolicy.org

Presentation Title: Increasing Interaction through Hybrid Learning
Presenter: Norka Padilla Ratnavale
Presenter e-mail: norka_p_ratnavale@mcpsmd.org

Presentation Title: Preparing STEM Students: Technology Education and Gateway to Technology
Presenter: Luke Rhine
Presenter e-mail: lrhine@msde.state.md.us

Presentation Title: Using Video to Promote Collaboration and Communication
Presenter: Tricia Stokes
Presenter e-mail: tstokes@bcps.org

Presentation Title: Investigating the Impact of Technology in Teaching and Learning
Presenter: Margaret Trader
Presenter e-mail: mtrader@mcdaniel.edu

Presentation Title: Using Edmodo and VoiceThread to Communicate and Collaborate
Presenter: Benjamin Wagner
Presenter e-mail: bwagner@bcps.org

Presentation Title: Apple's Bento App: Fun with Databases
Presenter: Dave Watnee
Presenter e-mail: dave.watnee@gmail.com

Presentation Title: Using the Singapore Approach to improve student achievement
Presenter: Joe Piazza
Presenter e-mail: joseph.piazza@hmhpub.com

Presentation Title: Using Bookrooms and Informational Texts to get to the CORE of the STANDARDS
Presenter: Kathy Pike
Presenter e-mail: ktpike@hotmail.com